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Shoreline's Online Surf Catalog:

For your feet, we offer
63 styles of
Reef Flip-Flops!
REEF Flip-Flop Sandal selection on the net.
We provide mail order womens
Aaron Chang bikinis, shorts, tee shirts,
Arnette shades, and Dakine backpacks.
Aaron Chang shorts, Rietveld t-shirts,
Reef thongs, Hurley wetsuits and boardshorts,
swimsuits, sweatshirts, surfboards, bodyboards,

Sector9 skateboards, and Local Motion boardshorts.
Ocean surfing accessories - 5 brands of quality surfboards.

Shoreline Surf offers an on-line mail order menu.
We have
Hawaiian Island Creations shirts,
Reitveld tee-shirts and Freestyle watches, leather Rainbow sandles,
Anarchy shades, and DeLaMer bikinis.
We also provide saltwater trunks, sweatshirts, swim wear and skateboards.

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LOCAL Santa Cruz Beach Services:

Santa Cruz Surfboard Rentals - Santa Cruz Surfing Lessons - Santa Cruz Beaches Guide

We are located right across the street from the MAIN BEACH (the volleyball nets)
between the
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the Santa Cruz Wharf,
by the gentle Pacific Ocean waves at historic Henry Cowell's Beach.

We have hats and surfing accessories, plus everything listed above.
We rent boogie boards, wetsuits, surf boards, and volleyballs.

What Do You Need?  How about a bikini, sweatshirts,
a pair of sunglasses, tee shirts, surfboard rentals,
shortboard or longboard rentals, surf lessons?

C'mon down! We'll fix you up. Guaranteed!

One of the Best Local Surf Shops for
surfing lessons, wetsuit, surfboard rentals
(both longboards and shortboards), and
local beach wear, bodyboard, surf board,
as well as

Your Santa Cruz Main Beach Shop
for local California Pacific Ocean waves,
for walk-in volleyball, baseball caps,
swim wear, umbrellas, beach toys,
beach chairs, and volleyballs.

Walk-in Shop Visitors :
surfwear, and
surfing brands
not sold on-line,
but which you can buy
in our S.C. Wharf stores :

Roxy, Billabong, Quiksilver
Fox, O'Neill (walk-in only), Speedo
O'Neill (walk-in only), Speedo, Wetsuits
Cobian, Deckers, Flojos, Sensi, Simple, Teva

We have Santa Cruz Skateboards, and surfology advice.
Surfers Accessories (A-K) - Balin, Block Surf, Churchill, Dakine, H2O
Surfers Accessories (L-M) - Redley, Surfco, Viper . . . (also for walk-ins)
Other - Billabong, Mod Surf, Spalding, Wilson, O'Neill Wetsuits (walk-in only)

Can't find it at Shoreline? Try the top-rated Ron Jon Surf Shop - Ron Jons in Florida
Shoreline also offers online backpacks, bikinis, boardshorts, bodyboards, sandals, shoes, etc.

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Bruce Noland ...
To order, call (831) 471-SURF - (831-471-7873)

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