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Steamer Lane - Santa Cruz
a.k.a. "The Lane" - "Steamer's"

Show me the Steamer Lane Live Webcam right now, please.
(Compliments of City of Santa Cruz,

It is NOT like the others - It even works AT NIGHT!


Map of Steamer Lane
Interactive Zoomable Google Map plus satellite view
Steamer Lane Map
Wharf cam (shows Steamer Lane) is sponsored by the Wharf and the city of Santa Cruz.
It is located at the elbow bend in the wharf.

Hotel cam (showed Cowells Beach) WAS sponsored by U.C.S.C. Slug Video.
It has been gone for years - it was at
It is located on top of the former Dream Inn, now called the
Santa Cruz West Coast Hotel.

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Show me the Hotline photographs and descriptions of Steamer Lane.

Aerial Photo #1 - Steamer Lane
Steamer Lane - Aerial Photo
Looking North toward Steamer Lane ... ©Dave Francis, 10-20-99
Just where the 2 fingers of land meet the grass, the "Surfers Museum" can be seen,
which consists of an old lighthouse. This area is referred to as "Lighthouse Point".
Just above this area is Lighthouse Field State Park ... great for dogs and people.
At the extreme left-bottom, seal rock can be seen, along with Dave's knee.
At the right side is Cypress Point, and a portion of Cowell's Beach.

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Aerial Photo #2 - Steamer Lane, Cowell's
Cowell's Beach - Aerial Photo
Looking North toward Cypress Point
Just left of the center of the photo is Cypress Point,
which pretty much defines the end of Steamer Lane, and the beginning of Cowell's Beach.
In the extreme upper right-hand corner, can be seen the West Coast Santa Cruz Hotel,
still referred to by locals as the Dream Inn.
The currently non-functional "Hotel Cam" sits on top.
The Santa Cruz wharf is immediately to the right of the picture.

Aerial Photo #3 - Santa Cruz Wharf
Santa Cruz Wharf - Aerial Photo
Looking North toward the Wharf ... ©Dave Francis, 10-20-99
The Santa Cruz Wharf is in the center of the picture.
The "Steamer Cam" is located on top of the Seacloud Restaurant,
which is located inside the "knee" of the wharf.
Cowell's Beach is directly to the left of the wharf; notice the Dream Inn.
The Santa Cruz "Main Beach" is directly to the right of the wharf.
Cypress Point is at the extreme left of the photo, and the Santa Cruz boardwalk at the extreme right.

Like the aerial shots? Want to see more? Click on Dave Francis

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This Steamer Lane page was last updated on 2008-02-11.