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Shoreline Surf Shop - Shoreline Online, Santa Cruz, CA
Last updated December 6, 2011

Quick 5-day Surf Forecast from StormSurf

Local Info
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*Low tide is best for Cowell's Beach Surf
Josh & JD Surf Photos

Do you live in Silicon Valley?
Do you need an excuse to drive south over "the Hill" (Highway 17) and visit us?
Here are a few good ones:

2011 Upcoming Events - near the Wharf

Click here for Santa Cruz WHARF events.
(831) 420-5273
Click here for Santa Cruz BOARDWALK events.
(831) 423-5590
Click here for Santa Cruz COCOANUT GROVE events.
(831) 423-2053

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Rental Rates - Santa Cruz Main Beach
After June 1, 2011,
All rentals will be made at Surf City Santa Cruz
on the Wharf

Over 40 rental surfboards for you to choose from, and as many wetsuits !

 Special AUTUMN 2011 Combos

1/2 Day
(4 hours)
Full Day
(8 hours)

Surfboard Rental plus Wetsuit Rental 

$ 25
$ 30
$ 200

Bodyboard & Wetsuit 

$ 15
$ 20
$ 200

 Water Sport Rentals


Surfboard Rental 

$ 17.50
$ 20
$ 100

Wetsuit Rental 

$ 10
$ 100


$ 10
$  50

Swim Fins 

$  5
$  50


$  5
$  50

 Land Sport Rentals



$ 10
$  50

Beach Chair 

$  5
$  20


$  5
$  20
Must be 18 years old and have a valid Photo ID to rent.
*Any 1 of the 4 major credit cards plus a Driver's License can be used for the deposit, or cash.

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Santa Cruz Wave - Weather Information

Here are some prediction tools.
We use the same sites to try to predict ocean swell.
Sometimes, they work well, sometimes they don't.  Storm winds
occurring 1000's of miles out at sea generate the largest waves here.
However, the largest waves are probably not what most casual surfers are
interested in (way big).  Good Luck!

Here are some of the best local wave-predicting tools that we know of.

 How are the WAVES RIGHT NOW ?
 Click on 
Live Surf Cam  to see the waves across the street (
 (The camera provides a continuously-changing 8-view scan (left-to-right) of Pacific Ocean Horizon, Seal Rock, The Point, Steamer Lane, Indicators, Cypress Point, Cowells Beach, etc., with 20-second delay or less).

 Surf panorama at SLUG VIDEO Surf Photo. Slug Video is down, more than it is up.

 SWELL information RIGHT NOW:
 Click on 
Swell Model  to view current ocean swell data (CDIP.UCSD).

 WAVES in about 2 HOURS:   (and last 24 hour history)
 Click on 
Wave Data  for very detailed incoming wave information (N.O.A.A. Buoy 46042 - Monterey).
 (Water temp, wave height, wave period, wind speed, wind direction, etc.)

 Click on 
Wave Predictor  to view predicted ocean swell over the next 5 days (Surfcast).

 TIDES during the next 24 HOURS: (SLUG VIDEO is down.)
 Click on  Tide  to see a local rolling-tide-chart for the next 24 hours (U.C.S.C. - Slug Video).
 (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

 TIDES over the next MONTH:
 Click on the
Tide Table to see predicted daily local tides (S.C.wharf).
 Low tide is always best when surfing at Cowell's.

 WEATHER over the next 3 days:
 Click on infrared
Satellite Photo to see the storms headed our way (Unisys).
 (Enhanced infra-red, one of the best ... cycle the photos to see jet stream action).

 I want a LOT MORE information:
 Click on
Goinoff for many more useful sites.

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Local Santa Cruz, CA Hot Spots -

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Best motel ?

 Casablanca Inn and Restaurant, 101 Main Street - (831) 423-1570

Best fishing ?

 Santa Cruz Wharf (Beach St.), boat rentals, salmon trips

Local hostel ?

 312 Main Street (between 2nd and 3rd) - (831) 423-8304

Best parking ?

 West Cliff Drive, Bay Street

Best burritos ?

 Taqueria Vallarta #1 Soquel Avenue, #2 41st Avenue, #3 Pacific Ave.

Best sea food ?

 Riva's, on the wharf (voted local's favorite)

Best surfshop ?

 You already found it !!  Good job !!  Full-service here !!

Best local surf ?

 Right here- Steamer Lane (experts), Cowell's (beginners)

Best RV beaches ?

 New Brighton State Beach, Seacliff State Beach

Best ding repair ?

 "Ding Master", all repairs, Micah Harmon - (831) 239-1794

Best fire beaches ?

 Twin Lakes (pits, BBQs), Moran Lake

Best dog beaches ?

 Lighthouse field, Corcoran Lagoon, Moran Lake

No-leash beaches ?

 Lighthouse field, Mitchell's Cove, It Beach

Best bike cruising ?

 West Cliff Drive (easy, 100% views), East Cliff Drive

Best bicycle rentals ?

 Cruiser King - 575 7th Ave. - (831) 477-1288

Best skimboarding ?

 26th Avenue

Best bodyboarding ?

 Wharf break, Rivermouth, 26th Ave.

Best skateboarding ?

 Cali Skatz (Pacific Ave. at Beach Street)

Best mountain biking ?

 Pogonip Open Space Preserve, UCSC campus

1. Multiple entries are given in order of desirability, according to a local survey (opinions of locals).
2. Remember, dogs, leashes and fires are enforced more strictly on weekends, and in the summer.
DO NOT let your parking meter expire -
parking regulations are enforced with great zeal,
especially near the wharf and near the boardwalk.
No matter where you are in town,
the closer you are to the beach, the more you must be concerned.
 The same is true for parking signs. You WILL be ticketed in less than 1 hour!
 A word to the wise, if heeded, will save you from
$20(Beach St.) to $33(residential streets).  Guaranteed!
(compliments of Shoreline Surf Shop, you're welcome!)

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About Shoreline Surf Shop - Where It Used To Be
Terrace Court Motel, Santa Cruz, CA
Earliest known photo of Shoreline Surf Shop - "Housekeeping Apartments"
This shop first opened in mid-1990. "21 years in business at this location."
We went on the internet in Dec. 1998. "Our 12th year on the internet."
We lost our lease in May 2011, and we are now strictly an Online Surf Shop.
Shoreline occupied all 9 of the garages closest to you in the photo.

Shoreline Online ORDERING Hours
Ordering available every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas.
831 - 471 - 7873


Sun. - Mon. - Tues. - Wed. - Thur.

Friday & Saturday

Dec. - Jan. - Feb. Hours -

9 AM to 5 PM - PST

9 AM to 6 PM - (PST)

March - April - May Hours -

8 AM to 6 PM - PDST (3-13-11)

8 AM to 7 PM - PDST

June - July - Aug. Hours -

8 AM to 7 PM - PDST

8 AM to 8 PM - PDST

Sept. - Oct. - Nov. Hours -

8 AM to 6 PM - PDST

8 AM to 7 PM - PDST

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Bruce Noland, Proprietor

Ports of Call - which is in
the process of becoming

Surf City Santa Cruz
#41 Municipal Wharf
 Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

 Phone (831) 471-SURF

 FAX  Call for # - too many junk faxes


Thank you for visiting from:

Bruce Noland, Santa Cruz Native

Never forget Carl Reimer - RIP

Questions?   Comments?   Requests?
Thank You for your time.
Happy Face


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