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Recent Changes - Updated 12-10-2011

2010 - Maverick's Winners Results
1986 - Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

1910 - Santa Cruz Beach Photos
And 1864- Present Wharf History

JD in the Tube

Shoreline Surf Shop Has Lost Its Lease, But FEAR NOT!

After 21 years at 125 Beach Street in Santa Cruz, Shoreline Surf has lost its lease.
FEAR NOT! You may continue to order merchandise from online.

Main beach visitors can now find Shoreline merchandise on the wharf at Noland's, and at Ports of Call.

In the fall, our shop on the wharf, Ports of Call, will be changing its name to Surf City Santa Cruz, which will be a surf shop. Most merchandise previously available at Shoreline Surf Shop will be stocked at the new Surf City Santa Cruz on the wharf.

We would like to thank all our friends and customers for the great support they have offered over the past 21 years. We are especially thankful for the support offered during the Huntington Beach Surf City lawsuit, resulting in our winning a trademark for the phrase "Original Surf City". And yes, we are located in the "USA".

As we make the transition to Surf City Santa Cruz, we will announce the changes here. We welcome your continuing business in the future. See
Our Shops below, to eliminate confusion.

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Vincere Sand Socks

2011 REEF Sandals
Reef Sandals - Women's
Reef Sandals - Men's

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RAINBOW Leather Sandals
Rainbow Sandals - Women's
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Ugg Boots - Men's
Ugg Boots - Women's
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SC Euro Oval Tee shirts

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We also carry Billabong, Oakley glasses, O'Neill wetsuits,
Quiksilver clothing, and girl's Roxy surfwear
for our walk-in visitors,
but we do not offer these items online.
Come visit our Santa Cruz beaches, and California ocean waves.
Surfology at its best.

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2011 - Big Changes In Our Santa Cruz Shops

Shoreline Surf Shop
Online only after May 31, 2011

125 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, CA

Surf shop,
Store, rentals

Shoreline Surf Shop
(NEW - Shoreline Online)
Same URL as before

Cyberspace - 831-471-7873 (same)
Telephone ordering only
Personal Service

Internet only

Noland's on the Wharf

Municipal Wharf, #47 - 831-423-5500

Clothing store

Ports of Call (current)
(no online presence)

Municipal Wharf, #41 - 831-426-9699

Clothing store

Ports of Call
Surf City Santa Cruz
(NEW - December 2011)

Municipal Wharf, #41 - 831-426-9699

Surf shop,
Clothing store,
Surf rentals

The Noland Family wishes to thank everyone,
and express our gratitude for the
FANTASTIC local community support we have received.

Shoreline Surf and Sport Index web page was last updated on 2012-2-13.

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